This young artist displayed maturity and elegance.




I was very touched by the play of Olivier Moulin, who represents everything I love in the music: an excellent pianist coupled with a true musician. From this disc devoted to Liszt emanates an enormous emotion! A beautiful technique never used to try to draw attention, a roundness into the strong nuances, and his soul who passes into what he plays. A true talent!




His perfect knowledge of the world of Liszt wonders in this album.




Olivier Moulin reveals in his Liszt recital various facets of his talent. He confirms, if confirmation were needed, that in the field of piano performance, succession is guaranteed. Opened with a sardonic “Danse Macabre” which owes much to Saint-Saëns, his Liszt program goes through “En rêve” (discreet and soberly lyrical), “Funerailles”, “Petrarch Sonnet 104″, “Après une lecture du Dante”, “Impromptu” (fluidity of expression) and “Nuages gris”. It ends with the very famous “Totentanz.



A fascinating concert … a monumental virtuosity… For the expert audience, who came to listen to the piano recital by Olivier Moulin in the great gallery of the Abbaye de Talloires, it was “the concert of the year.” The praises are many on the virtuosity of this young performer who has captivated audiences of the most demanding international festivals and prestigious venues in France, Europe, Asia and America. A remarkable virtuosity combined with a great simplicity and a natural generosity that led him to give three encores for the audience after finishing his recital in a masterly way with a sublime interpretation of the Liszt Totentanz.


Olivier Moulin is a true genius who not only has the french spirit but also has a great sense of architecture and construction.




David Guerrier, a singular artist who transforms with his breath and his fingers copper in pure gold. It shares the stage with Olivier Moulin, a pianist of great efficiency that knows perfectly pinned his notes to the soul of the audience. […] This concert is a favorite. Sensual, melancholy and dreamlike, they lead to the unanimous support of the public. […] Olivier Moulin brings his sensitivity to the 2nd Book of Davidsbündlertänze Robert Schumann, played under the inpulse of intimate heart.

Michel DECLA



Already in 2009, we insisted about the prowess of the young pianist Olivier Moulin : rigorous design of sound plans, well-structured developments, phrasings properly molded, clean cuts without burrs. His interpretation of the dread 21th Sonata Rachmaninov had galvanized the audience.
We measured the size of his digital resources and his concentration and music understanding abilities. This guest of international festivals, who just released a Liszt recording and just came back from a concert tour in Japan, had nothing to prove for this recital given in coproduction with Arsenal Metz en Scenes. The interpreter of the Fantasy in C major by Robert Schumann corroborated the qualities that we had already noticed in his Davidbundlertänze, played in this same concert hall two years ago.
What he acquired more in these two years? The refinement of his legato, of his undulations, calm, inspired or stormy, his crescendos where unfolds his virtuoso side. From his Debussy’s Preludes, we note the subtle way in which he delves into the mystery and dreams (What the West wind saw), and the beautiful arpeggios played with ease, natural and with an incredible agility.
He is the pianist of soundscapes, and of contrasts and striking but not aggressive images, that we find elsewhere in his Gaspard de la Nuit by Ravel. With his unreal staccato, and the amazing flexibility of his Scarbo which descends to depths where he draws spectral images, Olivier Moulin, of course, created the recall of the audience. The Petrarch Sonnet by Liszt confirms the high step on which is now this artist of the new generation of French soloists.

Georges MASSON

A beautiful recital Fauré, Schumann, Rachmaninov with great delicacy.

Philippe GUT



A true test of virtuosity which Olivier Moulin triumphed emphatically, putting much conviction both in the rendering of impetuous and fiery themes as well as in the disturbing theme Mephistophelian.



It’s great piano. Olivier Moulin has great clarity and his playing is extremely virtuosic and powerful.



his young virtuoso has a technique and feelings that he brings to a highly developed musical sensibility. The works included in the program allowed him to reveal all the nuances and colors of his playing, letting the audience under the spell of music and a kind of intimacy or communion with the piano.



The french pianist Olivier Moulin offered us an excellent performance showing a very clear contrast from dramatic sounds to soft and romantic sounds.



Olivier Moulin, 22 years old, the only one french performer to have won a prize at the Epinal International Piano Competition, offered to the audience a fabulous Liszt concerto, the No. 1 in Eb Major. Solo or reinforced ropes or brass, it has given the pace of entry, increasing its strength in low tones, amazing finesse when he let the score go to his only tune. Such a feat that we forget the technical difficulty.



A name to remember in the young generation of french pianist : Olivier Moulin is only 22 years old and has played the 3rd Prokofiev piano concerto as a great master : beautiful technique free of any constraint, fullness of sound, quiet domination of the writing Athletic Prokofiev, sense of speech.

Philippe ANDRIOT



The third concert of “Musical May” has allowed music lovers to find happiness with the exceptional talent of the young virtuoso pianist Olivier Moulin. Aged only 21, he was cheered by the audience, attracted by its dazzling technique. It will certainly be a future host of the biggest music halls.


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