Concert review – Metz Arsenal


“Already in 2009, we insisted about the prowess of the young pianist Olivier Moulin : rigorous design of sound plans, well-structured developments, phrasings properly molded, clean cuts without burrs. His interpretation of the dread 21th Sonata Rachmaninov had galvanized the audience.
We measured the size of his digital resources and his concentration and music understanding abilities. This guest of international festivals, who just released a Liszt recording and just came back from a concert tour in Japan, had nothing to prove for this recital given in coproduction with Arsenal Metz en Scenes. The interpreter of the Fantasy in C major by Robert Schumann corroborated the qualities that we had already noticed in his Davidbundlertänze, played in this same concert hall two years ago.
What he acquired more in these two years? The refinement of his legato, of his undulations, calm, inspired or stormy, his crescendos where unfolds his virtuoso side. From his Debussy’s Preludes, we note the subtle way in which he delves into the mystery and dreams (What the West wind saw), and the beautiful arpeggios played with ease, natural and with an incredible agility.
He is the pianist of soundscapes, and of contrasts and striking but not aggressive images, that we find elsewhere in his Gaspard de la Nuit by Ravel. With his unreal staccato, and the amazing flexibility of his Scarbo which descends to depths where he draws spectral images, Olivier Moulin, of course, created the recall of the audience. The Petrarch Sonnet by Liszt confirms the high step on which is now this artist of the new generation of French soloists”  Georges MASSON

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